Aliens are Real

By Bob Lee


A few years ago, I was walking in a woods and noticed a piece of gray shale with a human (or humanoid) foot print.  Behind the heel of the foot print was an impression that looked like it was made by a manmade object.  I should mention that gray shale is said by mainstream geologists to be millions of years old.  Gray shale was once a mixture of clay and mud which flowed down the sides of mountains created by tectonic pressures in the earth's distant past.  It covered the dried up basin of the Mississipian Sea.

One of the most interesting accounts of aliens came from April 1964 when policeman Lonnie Zamora saw aliens climb aboard an alien craft and take off.  Apparently, they were having engine trouble.  The impressions left in the soil were photographed and can be seen in Ray Stanford’s excellent book, “Socorro Saucer – the closest encounter of all.” 

In time I realized that if my rock had impressions made by an alien craft (and aliens) then more impressions could possibly be found nearby.  I went back to be woods and in less than five minutes I found an oval impression like the one made in the soil at Socorro, New Mexico by the alien craft's four landing pods.  Beside the oval were small boot prints in rock.   It should be noted that the aliens seen by Zamora were small - like children.

Considering that gray shale is said to be millions of years old then does this suggest that aliens have been visiting earth for millions of years?  Aliens who have the technology to travel across the vastness of space may indeed be capable of time travel.  Einstein’s colleague, Kurt Gödel believed that Einstein's equations of general relativity appeared to allow time travel.

My granddaughter was almost 6 years old when this photo was made.  Her foot fitted into the impression very well.

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